Leaking A/C units and clogged condensation drains have become a major issue on the Lakeshore property over the past few years. Each unit owner is responsible for the maintenance of their A/C unit. If a unit leaks, the owner is not only liable for damage to their unit, but for any other units that may become damaged from their leak. 

Signs of a clogged A/C condensation drain:

  • Water or dampness on the floor of your utility closet
  • A/C has shut off and isn’t working
  • Water stained ceilings/walls in your utility closet
  • Rust/corrosion around your A/C unit
  • Condo feels more muggy, than normal

Maintenance of Air Conditioner Condensate Line/Drain–Unit owners must ensure on a periodic basis that their air-conditioner condensate lines and drains are clear. In as much as both of those components of the air-conditioner apparatus tend to become obstructed over time such obstructions result in water intrusion/penetration into the common elements and other unite and property damage to the condominium.

Each AC/Heating Combo System has a condensation drip trap. This is the small white “elbow” in the pipe next to the furnace.


Slightly above and protruding from this pipe is another piece of pipe that has a screw cap on it. Twice a year unscrew this cap and pour in one half (1/2) cup of bleach. Let it stand for a few minutes and then pour in one (1) gallon of water. Performing this procedure will prevent condensation and algae from building up inside the trap. It will also keep the drain clear thereby aiding in the efficient running of the A/C system.

IMG_2587 IMG_2581



A clear drain should run through pipes around the unit and down the side of the building trap drain.If you live on the second or third floors, you should consider installing a HVAC condensation overflow shut-off switch device. This low cost addition to your HVAC system can prevent water disasters and save thousands of dollars in water damages.



The Lakeshore Board of Directors is HIGHLY recommending all residents sign up for an annual A/C system service maintenance plan.